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Holey Brake Pegs - Honda Shadows

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These Holey Brake pegs are perfect for your next Honda Shadow Bobber!


  • 2.25" long
  • 7/8" Diameter
  • Includes mounting bolt 

To install on a Honda Shadow, you will need to cut off the existing brake pedal and drill a 8 mm hole in the brake arm. Then use the included bolt to bolt this brake peg on. Make sure you use Loc-tite on the bolt threads

With a drill and a hacksaw this whole process takes about 10 minutes tops. A cutoff wheel in an angle grinder makes the whole process a lot faster. Don't chop off your fingers!

Aluminum pegs are crafted from 6061A aircraft grade Aluminum
Brass pegs are crafted from C 36000 maachineable Brass
Stainless pegs are made from beautiful FP3031 Stainless stock, right here in America!