Custom Peanut Gas Tank for Honda Shadow VT600 VLX 88-07

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This custom made gas tank for the Honda Shadow VLX, aka Honda Shadow VT600 fits your bikes dual backbone perfectly! Includes TJ...

This custom made gas tank for the Honda Shadow VLX, aka Honda Shadow VT600 fits your bikes dual backbone perfectly! Includes TJ Brutal Customs gas cap in aluminum but you can also upgrade to solid brass here.

This is not a Sporty tank that has been hacked apart, no, this tank sits perfectly on the back of your bike, is made by hand and will last for years to come.

To mount the tank, set the tank on your bike, loosely thread the rear tank mount to the stock rear tank mounting hole.  Look at the forward mounting tab, It will be over the hole in your frame that you need to open up to slightly bigger than 3/8". Take the tank off the bike, carefully drill your forward mounting tab hole, and bolt the tank on! 

Tank Specs:

  • 16" L, 9.25" W, 8" D
  • Capacity - Approx. 2.8 gallons+-
  • Bungs are 1/8" NPT
  • Vented aluminum cap included
  • Petcock sold separately (does not work with stock petcock)
  • Tanks are not lined. We recommend using Red-Kote!


    **Note:   To prevent spillage from fuel expansion and vibration, do not overfill, fill within about an inch from the filler neck.  We also recommend using T-tape on all plumbing threads. You need to line these tanks. they will rust eventually and then you will be big sad when the gas starts to ruin your 1800$ paint job from the inside out. **

    Guess I have to say this - These tanks are raw steel. If you dont paint them, they will rust. 


    Customer Reviews

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    Thank you for making this tank! I thought I’d have to fabricate my own but then I came across your website and I couldn’t be happier. Quality is amazing and fits perfectly. Will be ordering from here again. Thank you! (Photos are after paint)
    for the guy in one of the reviews below asking about what petcock to use:
    I simply replaced the stock petcock with an inline fuel shutoff valve, hope this helps!

    Joshua Snipes
    Great fit, fast delivery.

    Exactly as described fit out the box just gotta get some gas in it.

    Matthew Stewart

    Such a beautiful tank cant wait to paint, my old one was super rusted y'all r such a great help

    As always they make a great product.

    As always they make a great product.


    It says doesn't work with stock petcock but looks like there's one on the tank displayed and the side tank gas gage so my question is if it doesn't work with the stock petcock what petcock do I need to get to work for it