Custom Peanut Gas Tank for Honda Shadow EFI Models - VT750 Phantom, AERO, Spirit

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This hand made custom peanut gas tank for the Honda Shadow VT750 Phantom, AERO, Spirit, EFI Models is the answer to what to...

This hand made custom peanut gas tank for the Honda Shadow VT750 Phantom, AERO, Spirit, EFI Models is the answer to what to do with that stupidly wide Honda Shadow stock tank!!! 

Each Honda Shadow Gas Tank includes a vented custom TJ Brutal Customs gas cap that prevents leaking onto your expensive paint and 2 fuel lines.  This Tank also comes with the EFI Tank Fuel Reserve Sensor Plug. Also, You can use the stock Honda Shadow Phantom fuel lines, use the included custom fuel lines, or keep them as spares! This tank does not require a petcock.

This TJ Brutal Customs Honda Shadow Gas tank will fit the following Honda Shadow models ONLY: 

  • 2010 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2010 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2011 VT750C-A AERO
    2011 VT750C-AC AERO
    2011 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2011 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2012 VT750C-A AERO 1
    2012 VT750C-AC AERO 1
    2012 VT750C2 A SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2012 VT750C2 AC SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2012 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2012 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
    2012 VT750C2F A SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2012 VT750C2F AC SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2012 VT750CA A AERO
    2012 VT750CA AC AERO
  • 2013 VT750C A AERO
    2013 VT750C AC AERO
    2013 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2013 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
    2013 VT750CA A AERO
    2013 VT750CA AC AERO
  • 2014 VT750C-A AERO
    2014 VT750C-AC AERO
    2014 VT750C2 A SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2014 VT750C2 AC SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2014 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2014 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
    2014 VT750C2F A SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2014 VT750C2F AC SHADOW SPIRIT 750
    2014 VT750CA A AERO
    2014 VT750CA AC AERO
  • 2015 VT750C-A AERO
    2015 VT750C-AC AERO
    2015 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2015 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2016 VT750C-A AERO
    2016 VT750C-AC AERO
    2016 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2016 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2017 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2017 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2018 VT750C-A AERO
    2018 VT750C-AC AERO
    2018 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2018 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2019 VT750C A SHADOW 750
    2019 VT750C AC SHADOW 750
    2019 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2019 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM
  • 2020 VT750C-A AERO
    2020 VT750C-AC AERO
    2020 VT750C2B A PHANTOM
    2020 VT750C2B AC PHANTOM

This is not a sporty tank that has been hacked apart, with a badly welded tunnel.  This custom, hand made fuel tank doesn't sit 3 inches off your backbone leaving you with a massive gap between the end of the gas tank and frame. This tank sits perfectly on the backbone of your bike, is made by hand specifically for your EFI Honda Shadow Phantom, Honda Shadow Aero and Honda Shadow Spirit model and will last for years to come. 

  • These Custom Honda Shadow Gas Tanks are raw steel and will rust if left unpainted or plated just as any other tank would.
  • We recommend using Redkote to line the gas tanks as this will give your tank YEARS of life, hauling your butt around the blacktop! 
  • Gas Tank Dimensions are - 16"L, 9.25"W, 8"D
  • Capacity - Approx. 2.5 gallons+-.  Capacity can vary by up to 1/4 gal depending on fuel temperature. 
  • This tank does not include a sight gauge. 


Sit your EFI Honda Shadow Phantom, AERO or Spirit upright as if you were going to ride it, have a seat and set the gas tank on the frame. While you are sitting on the bike, hold the gas tank and turn your bars left and right to make sure the tank is positioned far enough back on the backbone so it doesn't hit the risers or the bars when you turn them all the way, yet far enough forward that the rear tab is not hanging off the backbone.  You can zip tie, or tape the gas tank to the backbone during this fit process if you'd like, it also helps if a friend moves the bars for your while you hold the tank steady. 

Once you have determined your bars wont hit the tank at full lock, mark where the front mounting tab is with a marker, and check that your rear tab isn't hanging off the back of the backbone, if it is you may need to re-adjust. In this case, wipe off the original marker and start over. Once you've decided on where to mount the tank, center punch the frame where you want the tabs to bolt to and drill a 5/16" hole.  You can then thread this with a 3/8-16" tap. You will preferably want to do the front mounting hole first, thread a bolt in and then locate, center punch, drill and tap the rear mounting point. 

This Tank comes with the EFI Tank Fuel Reserve Sensor Plug. We added this bung to the tank, in the case that you wanted to relocate the reserve sensor light elsewhere on your custom build. However some of you may not want the dummy lights or have the reserve sensor bung available, so we offer you this plug to simply thread into the reserve sensor bung and keep the bike looking clean!

You can also use this to plug your stock tanks fuel reserve sensor bung as well!

This plug includes a copper washer, and we recommend using t-tape (teflon tape) on the threads of the plug before installing

**Note:   To prevent spillage from fuel expansion and vibration, do not overfill, fill within about an inch from the filler neck.  You need to line these tanks, we recommend Red-Kote. You must line your tank as you do all tanks. 

Customer Reviews

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look great.

look great.


This tank is superb quality. Got it for a 2015 shadow phantom and ho.lee.chit. This guys craftsmanship and attention to detail is superb. This is a great option to spending $800+ for a oem tank, plus it looks SICK. Will definitely be buying many more parts here!!

Keith S.

I purchased this tank for my 2006 Honda shadow aero 750. Now this tank isn’t made for that.... it’s made for newer model shadow Aeros with EFI. I had to make some Welds to close up a couple things on the bottom of the tank that just weren’t necessary for the standard model of aero. I ran an in-line petcock and bam I’m good to go. The beautiful to be expected from Tj. I recommend this tank 100% for that bobber vibe. You won’t be disappointed.

Robert Hatfield
Don't hesitate to buy

Gas tank is really nice!!!! perfect fit......I have almost bought everything for my phantom from tj brutal customs......let me tell u super quality........shipping is awesome as well.......and I would suggest grabbing warranty.......the only downfall about this tank is that my painter painted the gas cap black which I didn't want him to because it covers up TJ's symbol......hopefully I can get another.....keep doing what your doing and keep the phantom parts coming!!!!!........rob

Christopher Chinchilla
What about the pre 2004 carbureted 750’’s?

Brotha… this tank looks great! But we need the same tank style for the pre 2004 750’s. I know how funky the neck of that frame is & I’m sure it’s a pain but the 750’s won’t ever be what they can without the ingenuity to allow them to take on the Harley Sportster Bobber look. That requires that narrow tank! Yall are the ones to do it though!