Builders Exhaust Kit for Honda Shadow VT600 VLX 600 Fits Years 1988 - 2007

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The Builders Exhaust Kit for your Honda Shadow can be used to make the exhaust YOU want! Bust out the grinder and...

The Builders Exhaust Kit for your Honda Shadow can be used to make the exhaust YOU want! Bust out the grinder and the welding machine and use this complete kit to fabricate your own exhaust!

Fits Honda Shadow VT600, VLX & Steed 1988 - 2007

This Kit Contains 1.75" OD Mild Steel 16ga Exhaust Tubing: 

  • Qty 2: 20" Straight Tubing Section 
  • Qty 2: 45 Degree Bends 2.5" Radius
  • Qty 2: 90 Degree Bends 2.5" Radius
  • Qty 1: 2.5" Radius U-Bend 
  • Qty 4: Exhaust Flange Nuts
  • Qty 4: Exhaust Flange Nut Aluminum Spacers
  • Qty 1: VT600 Builders Exhaust Boss and Collar Set (Fits years 1988 - 2007)  

This kit requires fabrication. As with all our builders parts the use of these parts is completely up to you and we are unable to give any fabrication advice.

NOTE: When installing your exhaust , the boss and collar will not sit flush with the exhaust port, there WILL be a gap. Do not overtighten the exhaust nuts as this can lead to undesirable results.

Customer Reviews

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Michael B.
exhaust boss kit is absolutely amazing

exhaust boss kit is absolutely amazing, I was honestly being a little conscious about buying this but after reading the reviews I had to buy em

Chad T
lifesaver, really easy to use

so the big pieces that go in the motor are like much more robust and beefy than i have seen on my stock and other vance and hynes pipes. the rings that go on them are really thick probably overkill but i like that they dont cust corners. i got the kit in 4 days and im not real good at welding but i built my own exhaust pretty quick with my brothers help whos is a professional welder. he said he was impressed with the thickness of the pipes. nice kit and solid parts thanks TJ Brutal! you da man!

Jason Forget
exhaust build honda vt 600

I don't see any reviews on this item and I was looking on putting pipes on my honda bobber project I'm currently working on, but noticed no one has written any reviews on this kit, has anyone purchased this kit before? if so great!! I'm from Ontario Canada and I'm just trying to keep cost down as I'm sure everyone is ..
Please let me know if anyone has every purchased this kit before and if they would recommend wrapping the pipes after , as I'm assuming they are natural steel.