Anteris Bolt-On Rear Fender and Sissy Bar Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX

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Our Anteris Complete Fender and Sissy bar kit for Honda Shadows includes everything you will need to mount up one of our...

Our Anteris Complete Fender and Sissy bar kit for Honda Shadows includes everything you will need to mount up one of our curved fenders and a sissy bar to your VLX600! ZERO WELDING REQUIRED!  Includes curved fender for 150-180 tires, Straight up Sissy Bar, Pressio Bolt-On Fender Mount Kit and all hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike  You can carry a passenger on the fender, or you can strap a sleeping bag and a tent to it! This Kit will work with a mono strut setup or the factory mono shock, for either setup you will need to remove the fender subframe and cut off the rear fender support horns!  This is Honda Shadow bobber kit is a huge value add to your bike!

Sissy bar is approximately 15" tall from the top of the fender to top of the sissy bar.

The only thing you will need is your muscles, a drill, and a drill bit! We made this kit so simple that you don't even have to do any math or take your shoes off to count! All hardware is 3/8-16" so only one drill bit is necessary. You will need to drill holes in the fender to mount the sissy bar and the fender mount, and to drill holes in your axle plates for the lower sissy bar bolts. You will need to remove the chain guard as well. Seriously, this is literally the easiest kit to use ever!  

This Complete Kit includes the following parts - 

  • Curved Fender for 150-180 size tires - approx 21" long
  • Bolt on Straight up Sissy Bar
  • Bolt on Pressio Fender Mount Kit.
  • All hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike is included. 

Optional Upgrades- This kit works perfectly with our Mono Struts and Mono Strut E-Tanks 

Yes, you can carry a passenger on this fender and sissy bar. 

These are cake to install. You can attach them to your axle plates one of two ways:

TJ's Method - Locate the 3rd & 4th from the rear notch on your axle plate on each side and center punch each plate about 1/2" above the notches. You want to make sure the lower bung doesn't hit the adjustment notches and it doesn't hit the curved portion of the axle plate.  
rill a 5/16" hole and then tap it with a 3/8"-16 tap. 


Alternate Method - Drill a 3/8" hole and use a nylock nut on the bolt on the backside of the axle plate. Lay a length of chain over the center line of the tire, tape it down and lay the fender on this, it will give you a perfect fender height! 
Move your sissy bar to the angle you want and mark the location of the holes on the fender, needed for the bolts to attach to the upper fender supports. Pull the fender off and drill the holes. 
At the rear of the fender you will want to drill slightly oversized 3/8" holes to attach the Sissy Bar fender supports.


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Great quality in parts and hardware

Gorgeous and sturdy

Super clean fender tucks the rear tire beautifully and fitment is perfect. Install was a little tricky without taking the rear tire off but if you aren’t lazy like myself should be breeze. amazing company I have tons of their parts highly recommended

Great product and well built

Quick shipping as always. TJBC is a number #1 Online store.

Tail End Customs
Bitchin with Ease!

I decided to get one of TJ’s kits due to ease and lack of time. This kit is awesome. Super nice quality and stupid easy to install. Mock up took maybe about 5 minutes with this kit. Way to go TJ your customers are gonna love these.


When my package arrived I got the weld on tabs. After a few emails the boys sent me everything I couldn’t be happier with the service from them and the installation is pretty much self explanatory, fender hugs the tire perfectly. the tire to fender gap is tight oppsosite of your mom. If you want a nice fender/ sissy bar kit and are super lasy to weld it then this is it