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Anteris Bolt-On Rear Fender and Sissy Bar Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX

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Our Anteris Complete Fender and Sissy bar kit includes everything you will need to mount up one of our curved fenders and a sissy bar to your VLX600! ZERO WELDING REQUIRED!  Includes curved fender for 150-180 tires, Straight up Sissy Bar, Pressio Bolt-On Fender Mount Kit and all hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike  You can carry a passenger on the fender, or you can strap a sleeping bag and a tent to it!

Sissy bar is approximately 15" tall from the top of the fender to top of the sissy bar.

The only thing you will need is your muscles, a drill, and a drill bit! We made this kit so simple that you don't even have to do any math or take your shoes off to count! All hardware is 3/8-16" so only one drill bit is necessary. You will need to drill holes in the fender to mount the sissy bar and the fender mount, and to drill holes in your axle plates for the lower sissy bar bolts. You will need to remove the chain guard as well. Seriously, this is literally the easiest kit to use ever!  

This Complete Kit includes the following parts - 

  • Curved Fender for 150-180 size tires - approx 21" long
  • Bolt on Straight up Sissy Bar
  • Bolt on Pressio Fender Mount Kit.
  • All hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike is included. 

Optional Upgrades- This kit works perfectly with our Mono Struts and Mono Strut E-Tanks 

Yes, you can carry a passenger on this fender and sissy bar.