Long-Handled Air-Fuel Mix Screw - Honda Shadow

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This Long Handled Air Fuel Mix Screw for the Honda Shadows makes adjustment to your Air/Fuel mixture an absolutely easy and simple process without the use of tools. The numbered head allows you to easily keep track of your tuning progress! 


  • VT600 /VLX600 88-07 and steed 400 models
  • VT500 1983-1984
  • VT750 all single and dual carbureted models. 
  • VT700C All years ( 2 screws)
  • VT750C 1982-1986 (2 screws) 
  • VT1100 All years ( 2 screws) 
  • VTX1300

Trying to adjust a D-shaped mix screw underneath and behind your carb while tuning your bike requires some serious yoga techniques and hands of asbestos. With these long-handled mix screws all you need is a riding glove and you can reach underneath the carb and make a simple adjustment to you Air/Fuel mixture.
The handle is numbered so you can count your turns in an out for more precise tuning. When installing, turn the screw 'til it stops, but be gentle...  Don't crank on the screw real hard because all you'll do at that point is deform the screw and it will be useless. Gently seat each screw and start counting turns out from there. 

NOTE - For dual carbs, when the mix screw on the throttle wheel side of your carbs (left side of bike when you are sitting on it) bottoms out on the throttle wheel, that is your zero point. Start backing out the screw from there. 

When changing them out, be sure to remove the stock spring, metal O-ring and rubber O-ring and replace them with the new ones supplied with the long handled mix screw. New screws come with a new spring and washers. 

You will need to pick up the D-shaped bit to remove the stock mix screw!  You can find it by clicking HERE.

If you don't use the D-Bit you run the risk of rounding off the edges of the stock mix screw and that's really difficult to get out!