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Custom Peanut Gas Tank for Honda Shadow VT600 88-07

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This custom made gas tank for the Honda Shadow VLX, aka VT600CD fits your bikes dual backbone perfectly! Includes plumbing and mounting hardware and TJ Brutal Customs gas cap!

This is not a Sporty tank that has been hacked apart, with a shitty looking tunnel welded closed. This tank doesn't sit 3 inches off your backbone leaving you with a massive gap between the back of the tank and frame, No, this tank sits perfectly on the back of your bike, is made by hand and will last for years to come.

To mount the tank, set the tank on your bike, loosely thread the rear tab bolt to the bike. Look at the forward mounting tab...  It will be over the hole in your frame that you need to open up to slightly bigger than 3/8". Take the tank off the bike, carefully drill your forward mounting tab hole, and bolt the tank on! 

Tank Dimensions:

  • 16" L, 9.25" W, 8" D
  • Capacity - Approx. 2.8 gallons+-
  • Bungs are 1/8" NPT


  • Side petcock bung - included -  No extra charge! 
  • Plumbing/fuel valve brass barbed fittings, fuel shut-off valve - included No extra charge!
**Note:  We recommend using T-tape on the threads. They will not thread all the way in, as they are NPT!**

      All tanks come with vented aluminum caps.

      Approx. turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. This may be a bit longer or shorter depending on workload. These will not work with Springers while using
      Deca Risers.