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Curved Short Round Fender - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750

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The "Short Round" fender, for when you got no time for love! At approx 16" long, and 7" wide, these fenders cover just enough of your tire to keep most of the muck off your electronics and yer B-hole. They have the same tire shape as the round fenders I carry, just shorter length! There's not enough room to carry around a Willie on the back of these so people know you aren't the village chopper ;) Made of thick 14ga steel and hand spun in the US of A, and hand welded!

The strut kit will require some welding to assemble. 

The easiest way to set these up - Lay a length of bike chain down the center of your tire to set fender height. Angled brackets get welded to the swing arm, Drill holes in fender to bolt fender to angle brackets. Drill 5/16' hole in axle plate, Tap with 3/8-16" tap. bullet bungs get welded to top of struts, countersunk bungs get welded to bottom of the struts. (cut struts to desired length), cap head bolt goes into countersunk bung into axle plate, bullet bung gets bolted to fender from inside fender.