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TJ Brutal Customs Curved Bobber Fender

Curved Bobber Fender - Honda Shadow - Stock Rear Tires 160-170

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The TJBC Curved Bobber Fender is great for getting that bobbed, or chopped rear end look for your Honda Shadow! Handmade of 13 ga steel, this is a fender built to last! 

These fenders offer a closer profile than the flat top fenders we also offer! They require some fabrication, so break out the welder and hood!
These are approx. 7" wide and 21" long and when mounted to a stock frame they extend about 4" past 12 o'clock on your wheel.
They fit the rear wheel like a glove and are strong enough to carry a passenger, a rack of beer, or a drill press! Yes, I've done that! 

The easiest way to set these up on a VT600 that has been hardtailed:  Lay a length of bike chain down the center of your tire to set fender height. Angled brackets get welded to the swing arm, Drill holes in fender to bolt fender to angle brackets. Drill 5/16' hole in axle plate, Tap with 3/8-16" tap. bullet bungs get welded to top of struts, countersunk bungs get welded to bottom of the struts (cut struts to desired length). Cap head bolt goes into countersunk bung into axle plate, bullet bung gets bolted to fender from inside fender.

For pre-03 750 models you can use the L brackets to mount to the frame and any other supports would need to be of your own design.