Fork Piston Removal Tool - Honda Shadow VT600, VLX

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This Fork Piston Removal Tool is a must-have if you plan on rebuilding your forks or changing the fork fluids on your Honda Shadow! This tool holds the fork piston in place so you can loosen the fork socket bolt.

After spending way too much time and money on the proper allen socket and extensions, I designed this handy tool for removing your fork pistons!
Anytime you want to replace the fork seals on your forks, you will need to remove the fork piston from the fork. To do that you will need this special tool to reach inside your fork tubes to hold the piston while you loosen the allen bolt at the bottom of your forks.
These are approximately 18" long with a 24 mm hex head on each end.
You will only need the initial torque to loosen the piston. DO NOT USE AN IMPACT WRENCH TO DO THIS JOB! Sometimes it's helpful to have a friend hold the forks steady or or to put them in a vise with soft jaws.

The following tools are needed to change your fork seals -

-2' of 1.5" PVC (use to set the fork seal in the fork slider)
For VT750 use 2" PVC and a few step down pieces found at your local home depot! 
-Standard Screw Driver
-TJBC Fork Piston Removal Tool
-Fluid syringe
-Pick or small screwdriver to remove the stop ring
-8mm allen wrench
-Fork Fluid of your choice
Torque specs -
Fork Socket Bolt - 22lbf-ft
Fork Cap - 17lbf-ft
Top Tree Pinch Bolts - 8lbf-ft
Bottom tree Pinch Bolts - 36lbf-ft
Fork Fluid should be filled to 4.4 inches from the top of the fork tube before installing the springs.


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