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Throttle Pull Cables - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX 88-98

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Motion Pro cables are made in the USA and made to last! Simply the best name in custom control cables for your Honda shadow

We are proud to offer Motion Pro Throttle cables for your chop, none o' that Chinese crap! 

Cables are available in: 
- Black Vinyl Coil Wound lines with an inner nylon sleeve to prolong cable life. Please bear in mind that all cables should be properly lubed prior to use and should be lubed regularly to avoid premature wear or rust. 

+2 stands for stock length plus 2 inches etc.
Cables Sold Each - order QTY 1 for 1 throttle pull cable. 

This is by no means a substitute for using stock length cables attached to the bike to properly measure how much more cable you need, but these are the stock lengths of clutch and throttle cables for multiple years -
Clutch 88-98 - 44.1" 
Clutch 99-07 - 38.58"

Throttle Pull 88-98 - 33"
Throttle Pull 99-07 - 34.25

WHEN MEASURING FOR LONGER CABLES - The best way to measure how much more length you need is to bolt the bars into your risers, then leave the stock clutch and throttle cables intact at the carb and motor then measure how much more length from the housing end you need over your stock cable lengths to reach your new bars.  There is no magic formula, there is no mathematical equation, there are just so many bars and different riser configurations, you will need to figure this out; we cannot do it for you. 

These Throttle Pull Cables are meant to fit either stock controls and carbs or the single cable throttle assemblies we offer and stock carbs. 

Once cables cannot be returned so please measure VERY carefully! 

These may fit other years and models, you will want to cross reference before you order. 

When connecting the throttle cable to the throttle drum (at the carburetor) do not torque past 1.5 ft-lbs or you will shear the threaded cable end off. We cannot warranty cables that have been damaged in this way. Images are stock images from Motion pro. When you order this product you are ordering 1 throttle pull cable.