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Springer Front End Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX - 1988 to 2007

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At long last! The TJ Brutal Customs, Springer Front End Kit for the Honda Shadow VT600 is here! After undergoing 3 years of R&D and an uphill battle with incorrect parts, machining delays, improperly placed dementors, a lack of snacks, and a general hatred of the unwashed masses, our Honda Springer Kits are now on the market!! This is a bolt-on kit that requires no drilling, no cutting, no welding, and includes our 25-minute video, "How To Install A Front End Springer Kit On The Honda Shadow VT600," taking all of the guesswork out of installation.  This kit fits the VT600 only; IT DOES NOT FIT ANY OTHER BIKE. Other models will be available in the future.

You may need to make modifications to accommodate whichever Springer you decide to use. Chances are pretty damn good that if you buy any number of aftermarket springer on the interwebs, this kit will most likely fit. 

Springer Kit Includes -

  • Custom TJBC Steering Stem made for your Honda VLX
  • Steering Bearings and Races 
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Wheel and Bearing Spacers

**Springer Kit does not include 3/4" Axle with Nuts.**


      1. Remove stock front end.
      2. Drift out stock steering bearing races.
      3. Install steering bearing races.
      4. Drift out wheel bearings and wheel spacer.
      5. Install new wheel bearings with bearing spacer in hub.
      6. Mount axle and wheel spacers to Springer.
      7. Install lower steering bearing dust shield and bearing.
      8. Install Springer to steering neck.
      9. Install top steering bearing with dust cover.
      10. Install top clamp, centering nut, and stem nut.
      11. Tighten top clamp bolts.

      IMPORTANT STUFF!  >>>The stock risers on your Honda Shadow will not fit these Springers. You will need to either get a set of aftermarket risers for your Springer.

      Unless you have other master plans, we offer a simple Headlight Bracket for Springers to mount most aftermarket headlights.

      To maintain approximate stock ride height, you will want to find a Springer with around a 24" length. 

      The Springers do not accommodate the stock speedo hub, the stock brake, or the stock axle at present. We are currently working on developing a brake kit for the Springers!