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Deca Universal Handlebar Risers - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX, VT750, VT1100 and Springers

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The Deca Risers are made to fit the stock Honda Shadow top clam perfectly, as well as fitting most springer top clamps! These risers have a bolt-through design that allows you to drop the bolts in and then tighten them onto your Honda Shadow top clamp with a nut from the bottom or screw the bolts into your Springer! 

Risers include all necessary mounting hardware

These risers will fit the Honda Shadows as well as most domestic springers, and are for 1" handlebars. 

To install on your Honda Shadow, get a 1/2" drill bit and drill out the metal sleeves inside the riser holes. The easiest way to do it is to first remove the stock risers, you need to pull the cotter pins if they are there, and unscrew the nuts on the bottom of the risers. Pull the risers out of the top of the top clamp. Then get a 1/2" drill bit, and in the holes the risers were in, start drilling out the metal spacers inside the top tree.
You most likely won't go all the way through the spacer. As the drilling heats the spacer up, it will tend to melt its way out of the rubber that surrounds the spacer. Just use some pliers and pull the spacer off your drill bit and start drilling through the second spacer. Each riser hole will have 2 metal spacers to drill out. Once removed you can drop in the included 1/2-20 bolt (most harley risers and aftermarket risers are 1/2-20), apply some loc-tite to the threads, slide the stainless washer on the bolt and using the included flange nut, tighten the nut and bolt together.  

Bolts for Springer Kits are 3" long

Bolts for Honda Shadow are 3.75" long 

If you want to use these on a harley springer you will most likely need the option for springer kits.