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AFP Vacuum Port Plug - Honda VT600 VLX - 99-07

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Holy dick nipples! It's a mother licking AFP Plug! It's got threads on it and it's stainless steel so it will outlast your marriage and your kid's marriage!

If you don't have this on your single carb bike, you have clearly missed the latest fashion performance trend since the underwire for men!

If you have a single carb bike and have removed the Auto Fuel Petcock, (if you haven't, you should, its a recalled part) you are going to be left with a little tiny hose the size of your fathers dick coming out of the rear cylinder head right by where the intake mates to the sexy head. You can unscrew this little shitty brass port with an 8mm open end wrench and then stuff it in your ear, then use one of these nice stainless plugs to make sure you don't have a shitty vacuum leak! Awesome!