"OJ": Dalton Blevins’ 2000 Honda Shadow VLX600 Deluxe

We love hearing from our loyal customers about their bike chops and how they’ve incorporated our custom parts into the mix. We love it EVEN MORE when they send us ALL THE SEXY PICS! 

Dalton Blevins of Ringgold, GA, started working on his 2000 Honda Shadow VT600 (named OJ)  by chopping off the subframe section to mount a fender.  For the intake, he used the
TJ Brutal Customs Velocity Stack in matte black; for the exhaust he customized his own 1 ¾” exhaust using our Custom Exhaust Kit. Then, for the rear fender, he trashed his stock parts in favor of our Curved Bobber Fender

“My favorite thing about this bike is how nimble it is and how fun it is to ride,” says Blevins. “Plus, it looks pretty cool now.” We agree, Dalton. NICE WORK, MAN!

Owner Name & Location: Dalton Blevins, Ringgold, GA

Bike Name: OJ

Frame Mods: Rear section chopped

Intake Mod: TJ Brutal Customs Velocity Stack in lovely matte black

Exhaust Mod: Custom 1 ¾” exhaust harvested from the TJ Brutal Customs Custom Exhaust Kit. Exhaust Coating: Cerakote black

Engine Year/Make/Model: 2000 Honda Shadow VLX600 Deluxe

Forks: Stock

Tire/Wheel Size and Style: Rear: Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra 170/80B15 / Front: Metzeler ME888 Marathon Ultra 100/90-19

Tank and Fender Paint: Matte Orange Vinyl Wrap

Seat: Biltwell Slimline Solo Diamond

Fenders: Depending on the ride, I use a modified stock front but in the rear I’ve got the TJ Brutal Customs Curved Bobber Fender.

Why did you choose this model of bike?
I like the hardtail look combined with softail suspension. And they make good looking bobbers.

What was your first modification and what do you plan to do next?
The Velocity Stack was my first modification. Next up I’d like to finish up the bolt-on passenger section. I have it engineered and started--I just need to finish it. My daughter loves to ride with me, so I want to have the option but I don't want it to be permanent. I cut the frame strategically and have welded the rear section up so it can work like a trailer receiver/hitch connection, but with high-strength large bolts for safety. And I still need a TJ Brutal Customs Finned Slide Cover, but I had to stop spending and start riding.

What other mods, accessories or cool parts can you tell us about?
I’ve got Biltwell Keystone Bars, the TJ Brutal Customs Single Cable Throttle Assembly (with lock), a Motone 2-button switch to operate the Supernova LED turn signals (these are good to keep the po-po happy, but not as effective as hand signals in reality),an  automotive style ignition (no kill switch or push button--this is one of my favorite things I did), and a wire tuck.

The most gratifying building moment (aside from finishing these mods, of course) was the exhaust build. Not having any prior exhaust building experience made it a challenge, but it was very rewarding when I saw it come out how I wanted. The wiring had me bogged down for a while, but the wrap was definitely the most aggravating part. I had the pleasure of wrapping the rear fender twice thanks to a cross thread and Loctite mishap (I took a few rounds on the punching bag after that one).

But here was the funniest moment for me:

Some guys I have known my whole life live in the area and they both have Harleys. When I first got this bike I rode by while they were out one day and quickly picked up on how “uncool” I was with my VLX (but I agree that whole rear end does suck as stock). I told them my plans to bob it, but they didn't believe me. I went back last week after finishing and they were in dismay, taking photos, etc. This time they even invited me to ride with them sometime. Now they at least RESPECT THE HONDA! It was a fun build. I don't know that I want to do it again for a while, but I will probably do a few more things with this one before I am finished with it.

MORE "in progress" and "before" pics below!