The BEST Bolt-On Foot Pegs for Honda Shadow!

I know there are a lot of people who are struggling in the pursuit of motorcycle righteousness. And that righteousness is found in the attention you give to the details of your build. That is why I have created the Bolt-On Holey Foot Pegs! I know what it's like to put that sick new exhaust and tank on your bike only to have that sweet new bad-assery, eclipsed by the atrocity of stock pegs! The coolest part about these pegs, is that they fit your stock Honda Shadow mounts! NO WELDING, NO GRINDING, NO WAITING!


The Holey foot pegs for Honda Shadows are a direct fit for your Honda Shadow!  No need for adapters, these foot pegs use the stock mounting hardware for easy installation and a seamless, clean look!  Based on the original foot peg design I offered, these foot pegs are the result of my efforts to continually bring you the best in custom parts for your Honda bobber or Honda Chopper!

I have gotten rid of the need to purchase an adapter with your new pegs, making installation a walk in the park! You can have your new pegs installed in MINUTES! 

These are machined from military grade aluminum in the USA!!