Big Changes and Upgrades!

Creating parts for the Honda Shadow Motorcycle line; the VT600, VLX, and VT750, VT1100 and the VTX1300, is our specialty and passion! But it has become more than just a hobby over the past decade, it has turned into a business that offers an intensive line of parts for your bike build! Custom peanut tanks for the VT600, Backdraft and Street Sweeper Exhaust, The newest - Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit, even Electronics tanks, and bolt on parts galore! I have spent 2016 ramping things up big time! As we begin 2017 we are making some changes to the store to be a better resource for you!! We are doing quick, high quality videos for all our products, making it easier for you to figure out what the hell that part is!  Will it fit your bike? Does it come in black? Does this Fit the VT600 or the VT750? How can You make your Honda Shadow faster? The videos outline what the product is, the finish options, and how to install as well as addresses a few common questions! I will also be working on some more how-to videos this year, making the install process on our parts easy as pie on sunday afternoon! We are also dedicating a SERIOUS amount of time to reducing your shipping costs, and drastically cutting down turn around times! International customers, we got your back! We know that shipping overseas is far from cheap and we want to make it easier for you guys to build the custom Honda Shadow you dream of! And of course we will be releasing MORE custom Honda Shadow parts this year!! Be sure to sign up for our email list to be the first to know about new parts, discounts and specials!