Honda Shadow Fenders

Our Honda Shadow Bobber Fenders are great for achieving that perfect bobber or chopper look.  These American Made Fenders are only the best quality and are handmade right in our shop.  We know that you want to turn your bike into a chopper or bobber, so these fenders are the perfect start.

Curved Short Round Bobber Fender - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750

The "Short Round" bobber fender for Honda Shadow VT600 and Honda Shadow VT750, for your bobber or chopper! At approximately 16" long, and 7" wide, the Honda shadow fenders cover just enough of your tire to keep most of the road debris off your electronics and your back side.

These short fenders have the same tire shape as the round fenders we carry, just shorter length! There's not enough room to carry around a passenger on the back of these so people know you're not the one to ask for rides. Made of thick 14 gauge steel. Our custom Honda shadow parts are hand spun in the USA, and TIG welded by yours truly at TJ Brutal Customs.

These rear fenders fit a 160-170 tire perfectly, and they will fit most 180 tires, depending on the brand's tire profile, the fit may be more snug than others.

Curved Bobber Fender - Honda Shadow - Fits Rear Tires 160-170

Our Curved Bobber Fender for Honda Shadow stock tires is perfect for getting that bobber, or chopper rear end look for your Honda Shadow! Handmade in the USA with 13 gauge steel, this is a fender built to last! These hand made fenders fit a 160-170 tire perfectly, and they will fit most 180 tires, depending on the brands tire profile, the fit may be more snug than others.

These rear fenders require some fabrication to mount as they do not have any holes pre-drilled.  These are approx. 7" wide and 21" long and when mounted to a stock frame they extend about 4" past 12 o'clock on your wheel. They fit the rear wheel like a glove and are tough enough to carry a passenger. 

Anteris Bolt-On Rear Fender and Sissy Bar Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX

Our Anteris Complete Fender and Sissy bar kit for Honda Shadows includes everything you will need to mount up one of our curved fenders and a sissy bar to your VLX600!  NO WELDING REQUIRED!  Includes curved fender for 150-180 tires, Straight up Sissy Bar, Pressio Bolt-On Fender Mount Kit and all hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike.  You can carry a passenger on the fender, or you can strap a sleeping bag and a tent to it! This Kit will work with a mono strut setup or the factory mono shock, for either setup you will need to remove the fender subframe and cut off the rear fender support horns!  This Honda Shadow bobber kit is an amazing addition to your bike! Sissy bar is approximately 15" tall from the top of the fender to top of the sissy bar.

This Complete Kit includes the following parts:

Curved Fender for 150-180 size tires - approx 21" long

Bolt on Straight up Sissy Bar

Bolt on Pressio Fender Mount Kit.

All hardware necessary to mount everything to your bike is included. 

Optional Upgrades- This kit works perfectly with our Mono Struts and Mono Strut E-Tanks