Bolt On Solo Seat Hinge - Stainless Steel
Bolt On Solo Seat Hinge - Stainless Steel
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    Bolt On Solo Seat Hinge - Stainless Steel


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      This stainless steel motorcycle solo seat hinges will fit all of our solo seats as well as most aftermarket solo seats! This solo seat hinge easily bolts to your bike using the rear tank bolt!  It works great, it's easy to use, and best of all, after you install it, you will never think about it again, like a good seat hinge should be. 


      • Slotted Hinge Plate - 304 10ga stainless steel
      • Barrel Hinge - Anodized 6061A Aluminum 
      • Shoulder Bolts 
      • Washers 

      NOTE: These are not a exact model specific component, you may need to do some drilling or fabricating to mount this hinge depending on how you want to mount it and what you are mounting it to. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 9 reviews
      Sabrian v.
      Simple and easy!

      This bracket will not fit on stock tank! At least with my experience (bone stock 2010 VT750 Phantom); however paired with the “Peanut tank” TJ makes it bolts as shown, super easy! Just takes the place of where OG tank bolts to and your bracket is on :)

      Bob McGrath
      Great little hinge for a solo seat.

      The hinge worked great for my bobber build.

      Billy Martin
      Stainless Solo Seat Hinge

      Don't waste your time or cash on cheap seat hinges! If you are looking for a bolt on seat hinge this is it!

      The flat stainless can be bent to conform to the bottom of the seat. The shoulder bolts and washers allow the hinge to work without any slop or rattle. Great addition to the Big Dog!

      Cody Godown
      Simple and Clean

      I purchased this along with a new seat. I had a cheap Amazon setup that came with the bike. Hated it. It sat up taller. If you flipped it up it would hit the tank and scratch it up. And felt flimsy. This piece is really nice, clean and simple. Sits lower. Feels really sturdy. The shoulder bolts for a smooth hinge is sweet

      Joel McCune
      Solid, sturdy, easy to mount.

      Bought this, the Libritor solo seat, and springs for my bobber, and couldn’t be more pleased! The seat mount bracket I had prior was a thin land flimsy piece of metal, and it snapped off while I was riding! This TJ’s mount is beefy and solid! I have no doubt it will last!