The Boneyard Biker Chain Wallet

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Product Description:This Trucker or Biker Wallet is available with or without a Chain (if you already have one)The Boneyard Biker Wallet is...

Product Description:

This Trucker or Biker Wallet is available with or without a Chain (if you already have one)

The Boneyard Biker Wallet is our take on the classic trucker or biker chain wallet, featuring riveted construction with two card pockets that hold three to four cards each, plus an extra wide cash pocket for holding a large wad of unfolded bills. Add a chain to your wallet with a stainless steel carabiner, attached through a D-ring clip that is fixed to the bottom right corner of the wallet. Two snaps secure all items inside, making it the perfect wallet for travel and life on the road.
The Biker Wallet for One and All

Available in black or brown leather, this wallet has its roots in motorcycle culture, but its style, functionality, and durability appeals to anyone who likes the leather biker wallet with chain design. The wallet’s handsome, rugged, oil tanned leather doesn’t rip or tear, and its stylish, rust-resistant, solid brass and stainless steel hardware give the piece exceptionally strong construction. This is a chain wallet you can use for years.
Gets Even Better With Wear

Wallets made with low-grade leather and stitching look best when new. Over time, the leather loses its finish and the thread starts to fray. The Boneyard Biker Wallet does the opposite: The item’s riveted, oil tanned design ensures that it wears well, developing an attractive patina as it ages. Replace your old billfold with a handmade leather biker wallet!

Product Sizing:

Wallet Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.75"

Total Chain Length: 16"

Chain Width: 3/8"

**NON-REFUNDABLE as these are made-to-order!**