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Moto Shop Towel - TJ Brutal Customs Tetra Logo

Moto Shop Towel - TJ Brutal Customs Tetra Logo

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I personally am not a fan of those puny red shop rags, they don't absorb anything, they're too small, and they are thin as hell! 

This Shop towel is absorbent terry cloth with a discharged TJ Brutal Customs Logo on it, and it even includes a grommet and hang clip so you can keep it handy where you are working or hook it on your belt.
This shop towel is also handy for moto trips, washing your face, drying your hands, carrying fresh fruits, wiping down the bench at the gym, stopping a bleeding knife fight wound, blowing your nose, padding your knees when you... well, you get the picture!  


  • 18" X 15" 
  • Durable yet soft terry cloth
  • Corner grommet
  • Hanging clip for your bench, belt, or sissy bar
  • Discharge Tetra logo on one side