Mini Chopper Mirror Black 3"


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Making that bike the way you want and keeping it reasonably street legal is always a delicate dance. Especially when it comes...
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Making that bike the way you want and keeping it reasonably street legal is always a delicate dance. Especially when it comes to mirrors, so now you can toss out your square stock back-lookers and use this clean 3" mirror! 

Mirrors are sold EACH QTY 1 = 1 mirror; not a set. 

You can use this on either side of your bars stock controls with some minor modification. On the clutch side, just drill the hole all the way through the mirror perch, and cut the height in half so you can bolt this mirror in place. With a hacksaw and a drill it will take you about 5 minutes! These are not direct thread in parts.  

These do not include a clamp. Creativity is cool, or you can get the mirror with mounts,  sold HERE

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Mirrors for Motorcycles

Ready to give your bike a custom look? All it takes is swapping out your stock mirrors for TJ Brutal Customs’ mirrors for motorcycles. Our mirrors are far less obtrusive than stock ones, giving your bike a cleaner look, which is essential if you’re transforming your bike into an eye-catching stripped-down bobber.

Street-legal mirrors

When it comes to switching out your mirrors, you need to make sure your bike remains street legal. Our super-clean Mini Chopper 3” mirrors are non-obtrusive, so you can swap out your square stock mirrors for ones that fit your style better.

You can attach our mirrors to either side of your bar’s stock controls with only minor modifications. If you’re attaching a mirror to the clutch side, drill a hole in the mirror perch and cut the height in half so you can bolt the mirror in place. If you’re working with a hacksaw and a drill, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes!

Need a mount for your mirrors? While you can get creative and make some yourself, you might as well save time and effort and get out Mini Chopper Mirror with Clamp. It includes a mirror clamp for 1” inch bars, and is compatible with VT600, VLX and VT750 models.

Why invest in motorcycle mirrors for safety?

There are more than just aesthetic considerations to keep in mind when you’re adding motorcycle mirrors. Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous, and you need to have mirrors to see what’s coming up behind you so that you’re always ready to react. This applies even if you aren’t moving, since statistics have shown that a large amount of motorcycle accidents happen when a motorcycle is rear-ended at a stoplight. You should monitor your rear zone as soon as you stop anywhere, making sure others are stopping safely. Keep an eye on your mirrors to make sure nothing’s coming up behind you—this simple practice can save your life.

Our mirrors also protect you as you ride, allowing you to quickly check your rear zone while in motion—you won’t even have to move your head at all. All it takes is diverting your eyes for a split second to make sure everything’s fine behind you.

Two mirrors are better than none—or one

How many mirrors should you put on your motorcycle? In general, we recommend two mirrors on a motorcycle. While one mirror is better than none, two are better than one, providing you with the most rear vision so you can keep yourself safe the entire time you’re on your bike. Two mirrors also make your bike look more symmetrical, which is another benefit to investing in more than just a single mirror.

Keep in mind that many states require motorcycles to have at least one mirror, while some require two. Check the regulations of the state your motorcycle is registered to make sure you comply with all relevant rules.

Want to learn more about TJ Brutal Customs’ mirrors for motorcycles? Contact us today to discover how our mirrors and other premium-quality accessories can give your bike the look and performance you want.