Exhaust Gaskets - Honda Shadow (Choose between VT600, VT750, or VT1100)
Exhaust Gaskets - Honda Shadow (Choose between VT600, VT750, or VT1100)
Exhaust Gaskets - Honda Shadow (Choose between VT600, VT750, or VT1100)

    Exhaust Gaskets - Honda Shadow (Choose between VT600, VT750, or VT1100)

    $ 24.99

      • Fitment
        Year Make Model
        1988+ Honda Shadow VLX 600 VT600C
        1988+ Honda Shadow VLX 600 VT600CD Deluxe
        1998+ Honda Shadow ACE VT750C
        1998+ Honda Shadow ACE VT750CD Deluxe
        1998+ Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DCA
        1998+ Honda Shadow Spirit VT750DCB
        1998+ Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2
        1998+ Honda Shadow Spirit VT750C2F
        1998+ Honda Shadow Spirit ABS VT750C2S ABS
        1998+ Honda Shadow Aero VT750C
        1998+ Honda Shadow Aero VT750CA
        1998+ Honda Shadow Aero VT750CS ABS
        1998+ Honda Shadow Phantom VT750C2B
        1998+ Honda Shadow RS VT750RS
        1988+ Honda Shadow VT1100C
        1988+ Honda Shadow ACE VT1100C2
        1988+ Honda Shadow ACE 1100 VT1100T Tour
        1988+ Honda Shadow Aero VT1100C3
        1988+ Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2
        1988+ Honda Shadow Spirit VT1100C
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      Any time you change your Honda Shadow exhaust you should replace your exhaust gaskets. They prevent exhaust leaks and ensure that your pipes will sit securely in place. 

      Sold in pairs; purchase quantity 1 to get a pair (2) of gaskets for the front and rear exhaust on your bike.

      NOTE:  The VT600 gaskets are 2 different sizes.  The smaller gasket goes in the rear port and the larger gasket goes in the forward port. Depending on availability you may receive a green or a copper gasket in this kit. They function the same. 

      When removing the old gaskets, they may be hard to see, having been smooshed almost flat, its helpful to use a pick to catch the edge of the gasket and remove it. no sealant or lubricants are needed upon installation. 

      If you pick up one of our exhaust systems you will need to pick up new gaskets to prevent exhaust leaks which can make tuning very frustrating! 


      ***Gaskets may come in different colors than pictured here, but they are the correct size and application.***

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 26 reviews
      Mark D.
      A must when installing new pipes!

      Picked these up with my backdraft exhaust. The old gaskets were crusty and gross, these made me feel confident my new exhaust wouldn’t leak. Easy install and convenient.

      Ben Santos
      Easy to install!

      Definitely need these to ensure your pipes are solid! Easy to install and no hassles guaranteed.

      Sabrian v.
      VT750 Phantom

      A must if you’re installing your new exhaust!

      Jacob Basaldua
      Perfect fit for your holes!

      Ordered these and realized I selected the wrong model. The customer service was able to correct it after a quick email with my order number! Great customer service!
      Also, as a side note to us guys that don’t know D about F, all you need is one per exhaust hole! The previous owner of my bike had three in each, that were pack in so much they were almost welded together. Got them out and done the right way!

      Dillon Shelton
      Everything in one place

      Need them to go with the new tjbc drag pipes fits like a dream