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Handlebar Risers - 2" Tall - For 1" Handlebars

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These short risers have a low, clean profile that cleans up your Honda Shadow cockpit nicely! These risers will fit 1" bars. 

From center of clamp to base they are 2".

To fit these to a Honda top clamp you will need to drill out the riser bushings to fit 1/2-20" bolts (not included) up through the bottom of the clamp and thread them into these risers. Its a super easy process and takes about 10 minutes!

Even though you can easily figure this shit out for yourself with a measuring tape and 30 seconds of your time, here ya go =) - 
You will need to pick up some 1/2-20 bolts that are 2.25 or 2.5" long to mount to a VT600 top clamp.