Fork Extensions - Honda Shadow VT750DC Spirit 2001-2007 & VT750RS 2010-2013

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The TJ BRUTAL CUSTOMS Fork Extensions for Honda Shadow VT750DC Spirit 2001-2007 & VT750RS RS 2010-2014 motorcycle forks are just what you need...

The TJ BRUTAL CUSTOMS Fork Extensions for Honda Shadow VT750DC Spirit 2001-2007 & VT750RS RS 2010-2014 motorcycle forks are just what you need to turn that motorcycle into a mean highway cruiser! Extending the forks of a bike gives a bike a much more custom look, the handling at highway speeds is a bit more stable and it just looks cool as hell! 

These fork extensions add 6" to your forks and are machined from stainless steel, so they can be polished to a chrome-like finish to match your forks if you choose. 


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  • Honda Shadow VT750DC Spirit 2001 - 2007 (carbureted)
  • Honda Shadow VT750RS RS 2010 - 2014


We will have extended brake lines very soon! 

When it comes to putting a long front end on your Honda motorcycle, we looked at the past chopper gods and resurrected an idea that's been around for ages, the fork extension or fork slug. 

The fork extension lets you extend your front end the simplest way possible using very few tools, and doesn't require messing with your forks internals!  


  • Lift the bike so only the front end is off the ground, let the front forks unload.
  • You may need to remove the brake line stay under the lower tree and brake caliper to prevent tearing the brake line.
  • If you have a speedometer, you may want to disconnect it from the hub as well.  
  • Loosen the fork pinch bolts on the top and bottom trees.
  • Slide the forks down through the top tree, but not all the way out of the bottom tree. 
  • Remove the stock fork caps carefully, they are under a little bit of spring pressure.
  • Remove the O-rings from your stock fork caps and install them on the threaded end of the fork extensions.
  • Using a little bit of fork oil, wipe a thin film on the threads of the fork extension. 
  • Once the forks are slid down through the lower tree far enough, and you can get the extension in between the upper and lower trees, to thread into the forks. EDIT: we have found it is important to have the lower tree clamp loose, otherwise you will have trouble threading the extensions in. NOTE: the threads may sometimes collect debris in packaging and manufacturing. It is IMPERATIVE that the threads on the extension are 100% free of any debris, the threads are very fine and will bind quite easily if there is debris on them. Blasting the threads with brakleen and then inspecting and brushing with a clean toothbrush can remove debris. 
  • Thread them carefully as the threads are fine and cross threading will be a very expensive mistake. It often helps to rotate the extension counterclockwise slowly to feel where the threads begin. (somatosensory precision!)
  • once the fork extensions have been threaded in, you can use a #2 phillips screwdriver in the 1/4 " hole at t he top of the fork extensions to snug them down. 
  • Repeat for both side of the forks. 
  • Slide the extensions up into the top tree, 
  • Tighten all pinch bolts. - Top pinch bolts to  8ft-lb, Lower pinch bolts to 36ft-lb
  • Ride fast, take chances easy rider! 
****These are intended for choppers. which typically aren't running tomfoolery such as speedometers and brakes. however if you want to run a front brake or a speedometer you will need to get longer lines if you want to run these extensions. 

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they look amazing on my shadow , Incredible quality !


It totally changed the way the bike looks I love it

Jack Phillips

Installed these on my 2013 VT750RS and totally changed the look. More comfortable ride leaning back and looks even better than it rides. Totally recommend


Wish tj had more support guy makes great parts for such a niche market. Really like that someone is scratching my itch for custom parts on these bikes.

Glad to have it.

Glad to have it.

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