Cable Luber V3 - Fits All Cables

Cable Luber V3 - Fits All Cables

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Cable Lubing tool for your Honda Motorcycle cables easier than ever! Fits all Honda Cables!
Dry, unlubricated cables is a major contributing factor to cable failure. Keeping your cables well lubricated, greatly prolongs their life, and keeps them from prematurely rusting and breaking. 

The V3 Cable Luber seals completely around cable housing
Makes it easy to clean and lubricate control cables
Less mess and less wasted lubricant
Unique design makes it the best sealing cable luber on the market
Works on most control cables with 4 mm to 8 mm OD housing
Seals over free spinning end fittings
Adjustable plunger insures efficient use of cable lube
Easy to use and clean
Best if used with Motion Pro Cable Lube, available HERE