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Slide Diaphragm For VT750C Shadow 1983

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These slide diaphragms for your 1983 VT750C Shadow will replace the stock slide diaphragms perfectly! You wouldn't try and glue a hole closed on a broken jimmy hat would you? Of course not! Why mess with gluing holes in your slide diaphragm when you can get a brand new one! Let that carb totally suck! 

This will fit all years of dual carb VT750C Shadow

Sold individually - If you want two diaphragms, order Qty. 2.

You will need to remove the two plastic retainer rings on your stock slide in order to install this new diaphragm. A small set of dikes is all that's needed to clip them off. Be careful not to clip the metal slide itself. Once the plastic rings are removed, the old diaphragm will fall of exposing a channel at the top of the slide. Install the diaphragm gently from the top of the slide.  Do not attempt to shove the diaphragm up from the bottom of the slide, as this will guarantee you tear the diaphragm! Use your fingernail to gently push the inner rib into the channel at the top of the slide. Again, the key word here is GENTLE!  
This diaphragm will hold itself in place in the channel at the top of your slide. When re-installing your slides, make sure the vent hole at the bottom of the slide is facing the engine side of the carb.