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Universal Fender Strut Kit

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This is a simple strut kit that you can use to design your own fender placement! 
The Universal Strut kit has all the hardware and bungs needed to make a simple set of struts that fit your build!
This kit requires fabrication to install.

This kit is compatible with all fenders we offer. 

2x 14" long, 1/2 steel round bar pieces to make your struts
2x 3/4" tall, 3/8" mild steel counter bored bungs
2x 3/8-16 cap head allen bolts for the counter bored bungs
2x 1" tall, 3/8 -16 thread domed blind threaded bungs
2x 3/8-16" hex bolts for under the fender
2x angled brackets to mount the forward part of the fender to either your swingarm or to a fender brace
2x 3/8" hex head bolts with washers and nuts to attach the fender to the angled brackets.