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Flat Bobber Fender - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750

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This very simple kit which contains everything you need to mount a nice flat fender to your bobber or chopper! At approx. 28" long, this fender made of 16 ga steel has a nice 7" of width fender to carry them fat-bottomed girls! And, yes, this fender will accommodate your stock-sized Honda shadow rear wheel (150 to 180 size tires). Fabrication is necessary to fit and install.  

Fender Kit includes -

1X flat fender
2x 14" long, 1/2 steel round bar pieces to make your struts.
2x 3/4" tall, 3/8" mild steel counter bored bungs 
2x 3/8-16 cap head allen bolts for the counter bored bungs
2x 1" tall, 3/8 -16 thread domed blind threaded bungs
2x 3/8-16" hex bolts for under the fender
2x angled brackets to mount the forward part of the fender to either your swingarm or to a fender brace
2x 3/8" hex head bolts with washers and nuts to attach the fender to the angled brackets.

Again, you will need to do some minor fabrication to attach the fender and strut kit to your bike you will need a drill, a 3/8-16 tap, and some welding to affix the bungs to the struts and the forward brackets to the bike.  The easiest way to set these up - Lay a length of bike chain down the center of your tire to set fender height. Angled brackets get welded to the swing arm, Drill 3/8" holes in fender to bolt fender to angle brackets. Drill 5/16' hole in axle plate, Tap with 3/8-16" tap. bullet bungs get welded to top of struts, countersunk bungs get welded to bottom of struts, cap head bolt goes into countersunk bung into axle plate, bullet bung gets bolted to fender from inside fender.