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"Why is a Honda" Patch

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Holy mother of tits! It's a patch! The next time people see and hear your bike and are surprised its not a Harley, tell 'em its a Charlie! ;)

  • It's fucking black 
  • Blinding white screen print
  • Attracts other Honda riders and hot women/men (whatever you need!)

You will instantly get laid when you put this patch on your jacket/cut/corset!
Works better than a Boston sock if you forgot the TP! 

Patch is approx 4" x 4", including border.
Made of durable duck cloth tougher than your granny's rhino skinned bunions!

Have your ol' lady sew it on or get all domestic and grab some used dental floss and sew it on yourself!
If you're super duper lazy, just use safety pins to pin it to your butt cheek!