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Intake Boots - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750 - Dual Carb

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These intake boots replace your stock parts and come 2 to a set. They are for dual carb models both VT600 and VT750. They do not include the tightening bands. 

Sometimes the rubber parts on a bike can become hard, cracked and brittle, which can be the cause of vacuum leaks and a number of other problems that can have you chasing gremlins around your bike!

One of the more common parts to wear out and cause running issues is the intake boots, if they become hard or cracked or chipped they can allow air into the motor during the intake cycle causing all sorts of diagnostic and tuning nightmares.

When installing your new intake boot, put a tiny bit of grease on your finger and apply a thin film to the inside surface of both ends of the carb boot. This makes installation a breeze and you wont be fighting friction!