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TJ Brutal Customs Exhaust Flange VT600 VLX600

Exhaust Flanges - Honda VT600 & VT750

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Honda Shadow Exhaust Flanges for VT600 and VT750, allow you to make your own exhaust for your Honda Shadow bobber or chopper! 

Build your own exhaust for your Honda Shadow motorcycle with these DOM steel exhaust bosses and collars! A TJ Brutal Customs Original! Ever Notice how every Harley and Brit bike on the market has a Do-It-Yourself Exhaust kit available nowadays?? Well I got tired of having to use the stock header pieces to make custom exhaust, so I've gone and developed these pretty little bastards.
They are CNC milled right here in the USA from DOM steel tubing and have a flare to accommodate 1.75" or 1.50" exhaust tubing. You can use 2" tubing if you want but you will need to make an adapter or reducer. 

Each set comes with collars that are cut from 3/8" thick steel so they wont bend or crack or warp!

Now YOU can build your own exhaust at home! Bust out that booger thrower and go to town! If you order any exhaust from us you will not need these! 

Made in the USA by an American!