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Pick Your Own Jets - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750 - Dual Carb

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Choose your own jets for your Honda Shadow project! Only need a jet or two? Get the pilot or main jet you need right here for your stock Honda Shadow carburetors!

Most of my products are aimed towards improving your Honda Shadows performance. Some folks just want to keep a stock bike or need to replace the jets in a bike that's been sitting. No worries, I've got you covered!  Simply choose the main or pilot jet for your Honda Shadow! These parts are for the VT600 and VT750 dual carb models, they do not fit the single carb models. 

If you have a stock intake and exhaust and are rebuilding your carbs I recommend going up at least 1 or 2 sizes on your main. These bikes were tuned very lean from the factory and you will feel the benefit from giving your motor a little bit more juice!  It's not a terribly drastic change, but for most riders it's worth their time to bump up the main jet size. You will most likely feel this improvement from 3/4 to WOT.  Pick up a few needle shims as well to help your mid-range! 

The VT750 models had several different stock jet sizes over the years but this kit will cover those variations

Stock configurations

  • VT600 Dual Carb Models - Main variations between 110, to 115, Pilot 40
  • VT750 Dual Carb Models - Main variations between 110 to 115, Pilot 40