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Performance Tuning Kit - Honda Shadow VT600 VLX & VT750 - Single Carb

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These Tuning Kits are for the Honda VLX 600 and VT750 models when using a velocity stack intake.  If you got a velocity stack from me, you will definitely need to re-jet your carb with these kits! 

 Anytime a change is made to exhaust or intake, a re-jet is usually necessary. This kit is meant to work with a free flowing velocity stack and a free flowing exhaust system. This is intended as a performance upgrade with velocity stacks and or/open exhaust and is not recommended for a stock intake/exhaust setup or other aftermarket setups.

Single Carb Kit includes

  • 2 Pilot Jets - 45, 48
  • 4 different size main jets - 142, 145, 148, 150
  • 2 brass shims to lift your stock needle 

As an upgrade, if you want to make tuning WAY easier, you can buy the jet kit with a long handle Air/Fuel mixture screw. 
The screw handle is numbered so you can easily count how many turns in or out you are to make tuning a breeze!

If you would like to buy the air fuel mixture screw by itself the option is in the drop down menu below.
This Jet kit is not intended to work with stock intake/exhaust setups, this is specifically for open intake and exhaust.