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Exhaust Gaskets - Honda Shadow VT600, VT750, and VT1100

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Any time you change your Honda Shadow exhaust you should replace your exhaust gaskets. They prevent exhaust leaks and ensure that your pipes will sit securely in place. 

Sold in pairs; purchase quantity 1 to get a pair (2) of gaskets for your bike.

NOTE:  The VT600 gaskets are 2 different sizes.  The smaller gasket goes in the rear port and the larger gasket goes in the forward port.

When removing the old gaskets, they may be hard to see, having been smooshed almost flat, its helpful to use a pick to catch the edge of the gasket and remove it. no sealant or lubricants are needed upon installation. 

If you pick up one of our exhaust systems you will need to pick up new gaskets to prevent exhaust leaks which can make tuning very frustrating! 


***Gaskets may come in different colors than pictured here, but they are the correct size and application.***