3L Lockable Jerry Can + Sissy Bar Mount

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This 3L lockable jerry can system with a sissy bar mount will remove all of your tiny tank insecurities! Easily remove it with the turn of a key for short trips and lock it up knowing it's not going anywhere when you walk away. 

Not only will it mount to frames, but it includes our proprietary sissy bar mount which allows you to mount your jerry can on the back of any sissy bar.

  • Fits most sissy bars made from 1/2" dia bar (round or square) using the adapter ring. 5/8" bars will not need the adapter ring.
  • 3L capacity
  • Lockable by key (includes 2 keys)
  • Available in Brutal Black or Red
  • Solid aluminum mount 
  • Doubles as additional tie down point
  • Rubberized plates prevent scratching or wear of your sissy bar