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Float Needles VLX600 88-07 and VT750 98-08

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Do you have a leaky ass float bowl?  Is your carb flooding all over your sweet rattle-can paint job? I feel your pain...  Perhaps your tank sat at the bottom of Lake Michigan for 10 years and was then "resurrected" by a less-than-reputable character who goes by the name of "Sneaky G"....  The resulting chunks of bong resin and rust have probably clogged and screwed up your float valve.  Do not despair!..  In many cases, a simple cleaning and replacing of the float needle fix the leaky, overflowing carb problem.  Yay!

When used in conjunction with our glass fuel filters, you greatly reduce the chance of some foreign particles of rust interrupting your next helmet therapy session.

Single and Dual Carb float needles are 1 per purchase = QTY 1.

Dual and single carb float needles are not the same, so if you order dual carb float needles, you cannot use them on a single carb and vice versa.