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Ignition Coil Mounting Kit for E-Tanks

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If you get rid of all the plastic garbage beneath your seat, what do you do with your coils? You can bolt them up  these coil mounts which fit perfectly on any of our E-Tanks! (All E-tanks come with holes pre-drilled to bolt the coil mounts on) 

If you purchased an e-tank previously and want to mount your coils, no problem! Bolt the coil into the coil mount, and set it up where you want on the tank, make sure you have clearance, and mark the location of the holes. drill the holes and using the included hardware, bolt em up! 


  • Laser Cut 11ga Steel
  • Press Form Bent for Perfect Fit
  • Tumbled Finish
  • Includes 4X M6 Grade 8 Hex Bolts 
  • Includes 4X M6 Grade 8 Nylock Nuts

Ignition coil mounts will fit 5" round tanks.