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Tetra Vinyl Sticker - Fits Everything

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The TJ Brutal Customs Logo Tetra Vinyl Sticker is the perfect size for car windows, tool boxes, helmets, and gas tanks! Even works great for pasties! ;) 

Laboratory tested and scientist approved!
Made with the finest 100% Corinthian Vinyl, each sticker is handcrafted, made in the most lavish bungalow in the balmy locale of hell's half-acre!  Handled with 100,000 thread count Egyptian cotton gloves, you know these stickers are given the absolute best care possible!
9 out of 10 veterinarians recommend the Tetra sticker for instant, worry-free window upgrades for your dog to lick! May even repel massive bugs if you live in the Midwest, or Minnesota (where the state bird is the mosquito)! 

More than 76% of homes in America would be a lot cooler if they had one of these on each vehicle in the driveway!* 

Want to know more? 

  • No antibiotics used!
  • No sugar added!
  • No GMO's!
  • Fat Free!
  • Low Carb!
  • Sodium Free!
  • Free Range!
  • Grass Fed!
  • Cage Free! 
  • Basically the cure to diabetes! 

When used as a tanning tattoo, this sticker is guaranteed to do absolutely nothing but make you hotter than ever! 

You don't need a doctor or science to tell you when something is good for you, because you know that if it FEELS good, it MUST be DANG GOOD!  These stickers are better than any medicine known to man, so if you have a fever for more radness, grab a few of these sumptuous stickers and feel the power of the cure!* 


*None of this drivel was evaluated by a doctor or a scientist, but it sure looks impressive! ;)