Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit - VT600 - All Years

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The BOLT-ON Jockey Shifter and Suicide Clutch Kit for the Honda Shadow VT600, VLX600 is the first of its kind to be produced for the Honda Shadow motorcycle! 

The Jockey Shift and Suicide Clutch Kit is a breeze to install, requiring zero fabrication, you will only need a few wrenches, and some allen/hex keys to get your bike rolling! Polished Aluminum Shift knob is threaded at 3/8-16".

You can use your stock clutch cable or pick up a 2" shorter clutch cable! The kit will come partially assembled, you will need to use loctite and adjust everything before you ride. Tighten the Jockey Shift set screws down tightly!

Each Suicide Clutch Kit will include a stainless replacement engine mount bolt and 3 stainless cap head screws to bolt the clutch backing plate to your stator case! Jockey Shifters will include the adapter, arm, hardware and 1-3/8" aluminum shift knob which is threaded on to the shifter arm.

**Note:  Please use loc-tite on all threads before riding.**

The Suicide Clutch Kit DOES NOT fit the VT750, however the Jockey Shifter will.

Check out the video for a simple step-by-step install!