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Fork Boots Gaiters - Honda Shadow VT600 & VT750

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Get some sweet fork boots for your VT600 or VT750! Not just something cool looking, these actually help protect your forks from dirt and dust which can prematurely wear down your dust and oil seals. Fits both the VT600 and VT750 forks and these are approximately 9.75 inches long. 

Forks must be removed from the trees to install, but with a friend and a few beers, anything is possible!

QTY. 1 = 1 SET of gaiters (2 pieces)

Note:  Don't leave them outside in the sun, or expose them to heat as it will prematurely deteriorate the rubber. We recommend applying Wurth Silicone Free Rubber Care spray on these about once a month to prolong their life.