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Holey Shifter Pegs - Honda Shadows

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These Holey Shifter pegs are perfect for your next Honda Shadow Bobber!

To install on a Honda Shadow, you will need to cut off the existing shifter peg and drill a 8 mm hole in the shifter arm. Then use a M8-1.25 mm bolt (not included) to bolt this shifter peg on.

Aluminum pegs are crafted from 6061A aircraft grade aloomeenum!
Brass pegs are crafted from the finest poor man's gold!
Stainless pegs are made from beautiful FP3031 Stainless stock, right here in America! 

Make sure you use Loc-tite!
With a drill and a hacksaw this whole process takes about 10 minutes tops. A cutoff wheel in an angle grinder makes the whole process a lot faster. Don't chop off your fingers!